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A Four-Day Maine Cruise Aboard The Ellis 36 “Hathor”

We, three septuagenarian veterans of sailboat cruising in Maine, were curious what a power-boat charter would be like. So, when we saw a four-day window in Ellis Charter’s schedule, we thought that would be a perfect opportunity to sample the experience. We are accustomed to sailing at speeds between four and six knots while steering clear of lobster pot buoys, so the prospect of cruising at 15 knots without needing to be wary of pot buoys was very appealing. It would allow us to get between destinations expeditiously and enjoy exploring the many shores and hiking trails of outlying Maine islands.

Our cruise aboard “Hathor”, an Ellis 36 Express Cruiser, brought us much sunny weather to enjoy our shore excursions, punctuated with periods of rain, fog, strong winds, and choppy seas as we moved between stops. We welcomed the sense of shelter and robustness that Hathor provides, compared to the exposure to the elements aboard a sailboat. In our 96 hours with the boat, we made stops in the following places, as described further:

• Lunt Harbor, Frenchboro/Long Island (mooring) – pictured below
• Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island (mooring)
• Southern Harbor, North Haven Island (anchor)
• Duck Harbor, Isle au Haut (anchor)
• Seal Bay, Vinalhaven (anchor)
• Merchant Harbor, Merchant and Harbor Islands (anchor)
• Islesford, Little Cranberry Island (mooring)
• Northeast Harbor, MDI (dock)
• Southwest Harbor, MDI (dock)

Looking back at Mount Desert Island from Lunts Harbor – Stop #1

Day 1: After a boat-handling check-out from an Ellis technician that covered docking and picking up moorings, we left Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island for Frenchboro, Long Island in the early afternoon. Continue reading

Maine Boating Destination: To Penobscot Bay and Back

LOCATIONS: Penobscot Bay, Bucks Harbor, Belfast, Castine, Northeast Harbor, Somes Sound.

VESSEL: The Ellis 36 Liberty (formerly Eggemoggin Express)

NARRATIVE: My wife and I just completed a wonderful week cruising the Penobscot Bay aboard an Ellis 36 Express named Liberty (formerly named Eggemoggin Express). The boat was awesome in every way and our destinations certainly exceeded our expectations. The boat was very comfortable and stable and we found the systems very easy to manage and operate. Liberty was well equipped and all we needed was our clothes and provisions. Other than a few windy days, we found our first time navigating the area to be easier than we envisioned and the scenery was amazing. Navigation was straightforward and we found most areas to be very well marked even for first-time visitors. We found wonderful scenic anchorages in Bucks Harbor and Northeast Harbor and fell in love with small towns like Belfast and Castine. We ended our trip on a morning cruise through Somes Sound which was spectacular. Throughout the trip, the wildlife was amazing from the herons and osprey to playful seals that loved darting around our wake. Our week went by quickly and we only touched the surface on possible destinations, so we hope we get to return.

PHOTOS: Here are a few photos from our trip.

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Maine Boating Destination: A Journey to Castine

LOCATIONS: Somes Sound, Little Cranberry Island, Northeast Harbor, Eggemoggin Reach, and Castine at 44°23’14.6″N 68°47’43.4″W

VESSEL: The Ellis 36 Express Cruiser “Too Priceless”.

NARRATIVE: Two summers ago, we chartered an Ellis 36 called “Too Priceless”. We had two full days of cruising in beautiful weather. The first day we had a large crowd of 12-13 and stayed local, going toward Bar Harbor and visiting Little Cranberry Island, Northeast Harbor and exploring Somes Sound and the Western Way. The boat had plenty of room for the large group. The next day three of us made the trip by Bass Harbor up Eggemoggin Reach into Penobscot Bay and docked at Castine for lunch and exploring the town. About a month before our trip, I had read an article about Castine and really wanted to visit. We probably should have taken some extra time and visited Belfast, Stonington, or maybe Camden, but we had plans for an early evening. The boat was a nice ride and easy to handle. We generally cruised at 14-15 knots. We did not overnite on the boat, but I think it would be comfortable for a small group.


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Maine Boating Destination: Sand Cove on Marshall Island

LOCATION: 44°06’27.7″N 68°30’11.4″W – Sand Cove, Marshall Island, ME
VESSEL: The Ellis 36 Flybridge Cruiser “Fulton Blake”.

NARRATIVE: This small uninhabited island is near Swans Island, just outside of Jericho Bay. It sports a great beach, nice hike, and overnight camping locations (although we never camped overnight). The anchorage is stable and the harbor fairly well-protected as long as you do not anchor out too far. The beach is a favorite spot for my kids, of course. And if you plan your trip later in the season, the swimming is nice. Bring a picnic and enjoy! – Shane Ellis, Ellis Boat Company, Inc.

PHOTOS: Here are a few photos from one of our trips a few years ago. The Island shot is courtesy (I could not find any photos that I took of Sand Cove).

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LOGISTICS: You will need to anchor – no moorings. Anchorage has always been solid. No services. Remote and uninhabited.

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