Finding a Maine Gem on our Ellis Charter

LOCATIONS: Eggemoggin Reach, Buck’s Harbor, Castine, Camden, Stonington, Billing’s Yard, & Bass Harbor 

VESSEL: “Hathor” – An Ellis 36 Express Cruiser

NARRATIVE: We were a little daunted by taking on a boat 11 feet longer and geometrically much larger than we’re used to. A day with a captain, to get used to the controls, handling, and navigation systems, was well worth the investment in time. On our first day on our own, we headed south out of Southwest Harbor to eventually head north toward Eggemoggin Reach. Seas were quite choppy and the wind was “on our nose”. Hathor comfortably handled the chop at about 17 knots. We were happy to make the turn north toward Eggemoggin and have a following sea. Eggemoogin Reach was a beautiful ride up to Bucks Harbor, where we moored for the night. We had time to go ashore and take a walk around and explore. The next day we continued north a bit to Castine where we tied up for a couple of hours to explore a town rich in Revolutionary War history. An unplanned visit to the Castine Historical Society was a pleasant mix of art and history. Next, we were off to Camden just down Penobscot Bay. Smooth sailing the whole way. We tied up for the night before heading off to Stonington. We were a bit conservative in our approach to Stonington and probably went further south than those with local knowledge of the waters. Once in Stonington, we had the good fortune to tie up at Billings – a first come first serve boat yard. After several days of being on the move, we stayed in Stonington for two nights. Since the boatyard was on a first come first serve basis, we didn’t have to leave. Stonington is another Maine gem (shhh – don’t tell anyone!). Alas, the trip had to end as we made our way back to Southwest Harbor, again perhaps a little too conservative on the approach, but what’s not to like about being on the water? We soon found ourselves at Bass Harbor, where we stopped for lunch, the only meal all week we didn’t cook for ourselves.PHOTO: Stonington, Maine – Looking out over the many offshore Islands to the Southeast.