Professor Andrew and the Hinckley T40

LOCATIONS: Somes Sound, Northeast Harbor, and Penobscot Bay (Hurricane Island, Castine, and Dark Harbor)

VESSEL: Hinckley Talaria T40 “Timbuktu”

NARRATIVE: My husband and I rented Timbuktu for a week after Labor Day. On the first day, we spent an afternoon with Captain Andrew, on Somes Sound, learning the ins and outs of this beautiful Hinckley T40. It was like taking a class in a subject you love with a friendly and engaging professor. After class, we spent the night in NE Harbor, a favorite from last year. Timbuktu was comfortable and well-appointed. We took five friends out on the following day. The boat was made for this type of cruising. Lots of room in the stern for people to enjoy the scenery, and plenty of room for a comfortable lunch.   We spent the rest of the week cruising Penobscot Bay. We picked up a mooring at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, a beautiful spot. The boat is very fast and handles lobster pots and a good chop equally well. We loved our cruise up to Castine, where we spent a day with family cruising to Dark Harbor on Islesboro. Hurricane Larry had kicked up some seas, causing a small craft advisory. Shane Ellis checked in with us knowing we had a bit of a ride back to SW Harbor. He arranged for us to follow in a friend of his from Castine, who was cruising to Manset on an Ellis boat. In retrospect, Timbuktu easily handled the seas, and really the only big rollers were in Bass Harbor. But we will be ever grateful to Shane for his understanding and support, and for introducing us to his friend Ned – a terrific guy.

PHOTOS: Capt. Andrew and Timbuktu in Southwest Harbor