Maine Harbors, Islands, Docks, and Passages…

LOCATIONS: Schoodic Peninsula, Ocean Drive, Eggemoggin Reach, Bucks Harbor, Frenchman’s Bay, Mount Desert Island Area…

VESSEL: The Ellis 36 Express Cruiser “Salty Furlough”.

I. For the nature lover head northeast to the Schoodic peninsula. Take the inside route passing Mark Island to starboard. Enjoy the scenery along Grindstone Neck and this less frequented region of Acadia National Park. Continue on to Petit Manan for bird watching. If you’re lucky you’ll see the elusive Puffin.
II. From SW/NE Harbor head north along the eastern shore of MDI. Enjoy seeing the magnificent turn of the century mansions. Continue north along Ocean Drive and consider how lucky you are to be on an Ellis as you observe the hoards of crowds and vehicles attempting to catch a glimpse of the Maine coast.
III. Cruise north and west to cross Eggemoggin Reach of your list of “must-sees” on the Maine coast. Sail into Bucks Harbor for fuel or an overnight assisted by the friendly dock and convenience store staff.
IV. Don’t forget Frenchman Bay for excellent deep water cruising and great views of the MDI mountains. While there check out Bald Rock for eagles and seals. Travel north to view the former terminal site for the Mount Desert Ferry where the trains met the steamers for the final leg of the rusticator’s journey to Bar Harbor and points beyond.
V. Short trips:
a. We visited Islesford and their Dock Restaurant for lunch and dinner.
b. We dropped the hook off Eagle Island for a nice lunch spot.
c. We stopped into Bar Harbor a couple of times for lunch and dinner.
d. We cruised around Baker Island for a different view of the MDI mountains.
e. We cruised to the end of Somes Sound for spectacular “inner-island” views.

PHOTO: Islesford Dock Restaurant, from

LOGISTICS: Bar Harbor – Check in with the harbormaster for the possibility to tie up for a few hours. We were able to accomplish this at no charge. Islesford Dock Restaurant – call ahead for reservations. Stock up on snacks and water for the week or longer to minimize provisioning trips.

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